Christian Symbols Unlimited

Additional Christian Symbols

In addition to the 24 symbols currently a part of our standard sets, new symbols are also occasionally being created. If you have a suggestion for a new symbol, please e-mail it to us.

Click on the photos below to see a description of the symbol.

PAX Symbol

Prince of Peace

The Light of the World

The Light of the World

Nativity Symbol

The Nativity

Praying Hands

The Praying Hands

The Shepherd of Love

The Shepherd of Love

The Eastern Cross

The Eastern Cross

The Hill of Calvary

The Hill of Calvary

Home Tree Size:

Prince of Peace...$5.50

Light of the World...$4.50

The Nativity...$5.50 each

Praying Hands...$4.50 each

Shepherd of Love...$4.50 each

The Eastern Cross...$4.00 each

The Hill of Calvary...$4.50 each

Auditorium Size:

Prince of Peace...$7.00

Light of the World...$6.00

The Nativity...$7.00 each

Praying Hands...$6.00 each

Shepherd of Love...$6.00 each

The Eastern Cross...$5.50 each

The Hill of Calvary...$6.00 each