Christian Symbols Unlimited

Christian Symbol Tree Hangings

A total of 24 different symbols have been carefully crafted into delicate pieces of Christian art suitable for hanging on one's Christmas tree. The plain white finish serves to direct attention to the symbol itself, rather than to that which embellishes it.

Christian Tree Symbols come in two sizes:

3 1/2 - 5" Home Size symbols for 5 to 6 foot trees.

4 1/2 - 7" Auditorium Size symbols for larger church trees.

By clicking on the pictures below, you can read a brief description of the symbol explaining its historical background and spiritual significance. A copy of these descriptions is provided with each piece.

fish drawing.jpg (606 bytes)

CS1: The Fish

hand.jpg (333 bytes)

CS2: The Hand Of God

anchor.jpg (344 bytes)

CS3: The Anchor

dove.jpg (434 bytes)

CS4: Descending Dove

alpha_omega.jpg (474 bytes)

CS5: Alpha and Omega

chi_rho.jpg (414 bytes)

CS6: The Chi Rho

lamp.jpg (503 bytes)

CS7: The Lamp

itoa_chi.jpg (534 bytes)

CS8: The Iota Chi

cross.jpg (396 bytes)

CS9: The Cross

star.jpg (387 bytes)

CS10: The Star

star_cross.jpg (420 bytes)

CS11: The Star and Cross

lamb.jpg (493 bytes)

CS12: The Lamb

butterfly.jpg (569 bytes)

CS13: The Butterfly

dove1.jpg (726 bytes)

CS14: The Dove

keys.jpg (1561 bytes)

CS15: The Keys

tri.jpg (1859 bytes)

CS16: The Triquetra

celtic.jpg (1376 bytes)

CS17: The Celtic Corss

angel.jpg (2121 bytes)

CS18: The Angel

crown.jpg (580 bytes)

CS19: The Crown

lion.jpg (710 bytes)

CS20: The Lion

harp.jpg (616 bytes)

CS21: The Harp

ship.jpg (538 bytes)

CS22: The Ship

ihs.jpg (636 bytes)

CS23: Iota Eta Sigma

heart.jpg (538 bytes)

CS24: The Love of God