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Throughout the ages, symbols have served as visual representations of spiritual truths. For those unable to read, they also provided a means of teaching the great doctrines and events of the Bible in a way that could be easily understood and remembered.

The use of Christian symbols dates back to the First Century. They have been painted or engraved on the walls of catacombs, tombs, and churches. They are to be found in some of Christendom's most famous paintings and frescos.

In keeping with this ancient tradition, a large collection of symbols, both ancient and contemporary, have been made into delicate pieces of Christian art suitable for hanging on Christmas trees. The plain white finish serves to direct attention to the symbol itself, rather than to that which embellishes it. A brief description is provided with each piece explaining its historical background and spiritual significance.

These Christian symbols, sometimes known as Chrismons (from the term Christ Monogram), are available for either home trees or larger auditorium size church trees. They can be purchased painted or unpainted.

Laser cut from fine cabinetry wood, each symbol receives numerous paintings and hand-sandings which produce a beautiful piece of Christian art with a ceramic-like finish.

It is our hope that these beautiful Christian symbols will not become "just another Christmas decoration" on the tree. Rather, may they be a statement of faith, emphasizing the true meaning of this holy season.