Christian Symbols

Our Mission

Bob hard at work.

We first began creating handcrafted symbols back in 1989. Starting with a single set of "Chrismon" (Christ Monograms) for our own personal tree, we went on to provide sets for interested family members and friends.

Desiring a meaningful and productive "retirement ministry", we started selling these at craft shows and through direct mailings to churches. Since going on the internet our production has grown to nearly 4000 pieces a year.

Our "mission" is two-fold:

  1. Create beautiful symbols that can help make the Christmas tree into a statement of faith.
  2. Raise funds for various missionary and benevolent efforts around the world. (All revenue, over and above the costs of materials and supplies, is used for this purpose.)

If you would like to communicate with us about our work or have questions about a spiritual matter, please contact us. We are non-denominational, Bible believing Christians who are seeking first and foremost to serve our Lord Jesus Christ.