Christian Symbols

Christian Tree Symbols come in two sizes:

3 1/2 - 5" Home Size symbols for 5 to 6 foot trees.

4 1/2 - 7" Auditorium Size symbols for larger church trees.

By clicking on the pictures below, you can read a brief description of the symbol explaining its historical background and spiritual significance. A copy of these descriptions is provided with each piece.

fish drawing.jpg (606 bytes)

CS1: The Fish

hand.jpg (333 bytes)

CS2: The Hand Of God

anchor.jpg (344 bytes)

CS3: The Anchor

dove.jpg (434 bytes)

CS4: Descending Dove

alpha_omega.jpg (474 bytes)

CS5: Alpha and Omega

chi_rho.jpg (414 bytes)

CS6: The Chi Rho

lamp.jpg (503 bytes)

CS7: The Lamp

itoa_chi.jpg (534 bytes)

CS8: The Iota Chi

cross.jpg (396 bytes)

CS9: The Cross

star.jpg (387 bytes)

CS10: The Star

star_cross.jpg (420 bytes)

CS11: The Star and Cross

lamb.jpg (493 bytes)

CS12: The Lamb

butterfly.jpg (569 bytes)

CS13: The Butterfly

dove1.jpg (726 bytes)

CS14: The Dove

keys.jpg (1561 bytes)

CS15: The Keys

tri.jpg (1859 bytes)

CS16: The Triquetra

celtic.jpg (1376 bytes)

CS17: The Celtic Corss

angel.jpg (2121 bytes)

CS18: The Angel

crown.jpg (580 bytes)

CS19: The Crown

lion.jpg (710 bytes)

CS20: The Lion

harp.jpg (616 bytes)

CS21: The Harp

ship.jpg (538 bytes)

CS22: The Ship

ihs.jpg (636 bytes)

CS23: Iota Eta Sigma

heart.jpg (538 bytes)

CS24: The Love of God